A Check In refers to the event of recording presence of the "entrance" of a user with a ticket to an event. Universe provides access to records of users whose tickets were scanned in at the door via our Ticket Manager app, to event hosts via a check in report.

Optionally, this API can be used by other systems to record check ins.

The authorization token included in the request must be permitted to actually execute the scan in, in order for the request to succeed.

Note all tickets checked in via the method describe above will be logged as a "manual_scan_in" event. Check ins completed by scanning an actual ticket in Universe's branded Ticket Manager app will be differentiated as "scanned_in" events in the final user report.



This API requires you to submit the same value in the path ({id}), and in the query parameters (cost_item_id). This design exists to support the ability to provide other identifiers than the primary key for scan in purposes. For external developers, this functionality is not available - so you should always submit the same id for both values.

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