Authentication required

The guestlists resource returns a structured response of objects representing tickets for which the authenticated user is the event host. By default, this API returns paginated results for all the objects ever created meeting that requirement - without respect to the specific event, or state of the ticket. Filtering by Listing (the object for which tickets are purchased) or by Event (the specific date of the Listing, which can have many dates). A music festival, for example, may have one Listing with many Events such as Saturday and Sunday.

Note that this API response will return all tickets - including those with a state of cancelled.

A developer wishing to use this resource to synchronize tickets with another system should pay careful attention to the state of each ticket, an enum described below, as well as the event the ticket was purchased for.

In the response, each ticket object will include a state. This may be one of the following possible values

closedThe ticket has been paid, and the funds have been transferred to the host
unapprovedThe ticket has not yet been approved by the host (configurable via a setting)
unpaidThe ticket is awaiting processing by the payment gateway
pendingThe ticket payment has been processed by the gateway, which has not yet confirmed its status
paidThe ticket has been paid using Universe Payments and the event is still in the future, valid
failedThe ticket payment failed, not valid
cancelledThe ticket has been cancelled, any transaction has been reversed, not valid
endedThe ticket has been paid, the event is in the past, but the funds have not yet been transferred to the host
expiredThe ticket was originally failed, and the window for retrying has expired (such as the event being in the past)
errorA general error state, not valid
partially_paidThe ticket was purchased with a payment plan, and has been partially paid
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