What data is available?

With Universe, you can access all the data surrounding your events such as:

  • A list of all your events
  • The details of a particular event such as:
  • Event details such as title, description, etc.
  • Attendee/Guestlist information (i.e. who is attending that event)

You can also add data to Universe by programmatically:

  • Creating discount codes
  • Creating access keys
  • Marking certain attendees/tickets as checked-in

And more (explore our GraphQL mutations to see our ever-expanding options)

How can you use the API?

As an event organizer, you could use the Universe API to retrieve:

  • Attendee data to update your CRM, create email/newsletter lists, create and print out labels and name tags, and create RFID tags
  • Sales data to create your own custom reports
  • Event information to create a website with custom event pages that dynamically open the right checkout flow depending on the event

As a third party provider, you can retrieve an event organizer's data to do the following:

  • Create name tags, RFID tags, and update the data on your onsite/event app using buyer data
  • Create marketing ads and track conversions using sales data
  • Retrieve all the publically available events